Aamina Doll: Talking Muslim Doll

By pressing certain parts of the Aamina doll, the doll will then recite various Qur'anic surahs, Arabic words and phrases with correct Arabic pronunciation / tajweed, together with their meanings in English. This is a wonderful way for your mini Muslim to learn daily phrases which we use as Muslims, as well as surahs. 

Aamina is able to recite the following:

  • As-Salamu’Alaikum
  • Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
  • Al-hamdu lillah
  • SubhanAllah
  • Insha’Allah
  • JazakAllah Khair
  • Masha’Allah
  • La ilaha illallah Muhammad dur Rasul’lallah
  • Surah Ikhlas, followed by translation in simple English
  • Surah Fatiha, followed by translation in simple English 
  • Plus other fun songs about Islam!

Replacement cartridges, which include the recitation of 5 new surahs (An Naas, Al Kafiroon, Al Falaq, Al Asr and Al Kawthar), are available and sold separately

All dolls meet the required British and European, Health and Safety requirements CE, EN71, and are Rohs certified.

Batteries for demonstration purposes are included, but may need replacing upon purchase. Amina

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