After Iftar Tales

Revised 2nd edition in paperback format.

A beautiful collection of ten short stories celebrating the values of Ramadan, to be treasured for many years to come in a hardcover format. The stories were written by a mix of young children, writers and bloggers. 

For most of us Ramadan, along with being the month of fasting, is an emotion, a memory, a feeling, a taste, a smell or a picture. From the decorated houses to the carefully prepared plates of Iftar Delicacies. From the Masjid halls to the playgrounds.

‘After Iftar Tales’ brings you heartwarming stories that give you a glimpse of the different aspects of Ramadan - 10 short stories featuring diverse yet relatable characters, that are varied yet all represent this beautiful month.

Meet Haboba and her prized candy tin and Alayna who stresses over her missing envelope. Hold your hearts tight for Hessa and little Suraya who is in the midst of a crisis. Come read, share and enjoy these tales with your near and dear ones.

Format: Paperback, with gold foil detail, 142 pages full of color, life and love.