Cotton Candy Sky by Zain Bhikha (CD)

by Zain Bhikha 

A beautiful collection of 22 nasheeds sung by well-known nasheed artist, Zain Bhikha from Johannesburg, South Africa. Total album length: 1 hour, 33 minutes. 

Track List:

1. Cotton Candy Sky (Voice Only)
2. The Monkey, The Cow and the Wolf (Voice Only) [feat. Layana Kotwal]
3. King of Madinah (Voice Only) [feat. Taariq Uwais Malinga & Khalid Belrhouzi]
4. Ramadhaan, We Are One (Voice Only)
5. Get up Again (Voice Only) [feat. Khalil Ismail]
6. If I Had a Boat (Voice Only)
7. The Farewell Sermon (Voice Only)
8. The Stillness of the Mosque (Voice Only)
9. Get up Again (Voice Only) [feat. Alkebulaun]
10. Dare to Believe (Voice Only) [feat. Taariq Uwais Malinga]
11. See You Soon (Voice Only)
12. Everything Belongs to Allah (Voice Only)
13. Cotton Candy Sky
14. The Monkey, The Cow and the Wolf (feat. Layana Kotwal)
15. King of Madinah (feat. Taariq Uwais Malinga & Khalid Belrhouzi)
16. Ramadhaan, We Are One
17. Get up Again (feat. Khalil Ismail)
18. If I Had a Boat
19. The Farewell Sermon
20. Get up Again (feat. Alkebulaun)
21. Dare to Believe (feat. Taariq Uwais Malinga)
22. Everything Belongs to Allah