Enjoying Ramadaan - Activity Book

By Light of the Heart Publications

' *Enjoying ramadaan*' is an exciting activity book to keep children encouraged and motivated for each day of ramadaan. This book is designed to take the child to a different country each day while enlightening the child's mind and instilling in the child the love of the blessed month

This book contains exercises and ideas introducing children to the concepts of creative writing, art, design, geography and much more while constantly remind them of their duties as a Muslim.

Enjoying Ramadaan Workbook includes a range of mind stimulating activities like learning important Ahadeeth, Islamic Facts, wordsearch, learning about countries of the world, flags, world maps, design, letter writing, planning, drawing, making items, sentence construction, meal planners, collage, phases of the moon, book design, Juz amma record chart, charity awareness and Eid related activities.

Format : Paperback