Essential Dua Reminders

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Little Mu'minDua Reminder Series⠀

These beautiful cards include duas, used on a daily basis, that your children may learn when displayed around the home.⠀

In addition to essential Duas, the set includes powerful duas and sayings that can bring you and your loved ones closer to Allah when faced with a variety of different situations. Be it making dua for the sick or making dua after a heated argument with a sibling or just expressing your feelings.⠀

Our suggestion would be to stick it up around your home for all eyes to fall upon these beautiful words.⠀

Includes Arabic, transliteration and English translations.⠀

Printed on high quality A6 board and laminated on both sides for extra durability.⠀

Set of 11 cards include :

Dua before sleeping⠀
Dua after waking up⠀
Dua when entering the toilet⠀
Dua when leaving the toilet⠀
Dua before eating⠀
Dua after eating⠀
Dua when visiting the sick⠀
Dua when looking into the mirror⠀
Dua when in difficulty or distress⠀
Dua when becoming angry
Expressing your love to another & responding to the one who has expressed their love.⠀

Proudly South African - designed and produced in Cape Town.