Gingerbread Masjid Kit

Guranteed fun for your mini Muslims. Start a new tradition this Eid with our Gingerbread Masjid Kit - the perfect way for your children to get involved and to create a festive atmosphere in your homes.

Decorate and fill with the candy provided or fill with sweetmeats, biscuits or chocolate. A beautiful display for your Eid table! 

  • No baking required
  • Fully inclusive kit includes pre-baked gingerbread masjid panels, 2 pre-baked gingerbread sheep, 1 purple icing mix, 1 white icing mix, 2 piping bags, 2 packets of assorted candies, 1 packet icing decorations.
  • Halaal certified by SANHA
  • Shelf life: 4 months from date of manufacture (date of manufacture for current batch is April 2021)
  • Net weight 2kg