Hand-painted Wooden Peg Dolls on Pilgrimage

Hand-painted wooden peg dolls from Baby Mumin are designed to help your little ones play, explore and grow. The peg dolls are dressed for Hajj / Umrah, a wonderful way for your little ones to learn about these pilgrimages. [Kaaba not included] 

Use it to expand their vocabulary and imagination through story telling and role play. They can also use this set to share their emotions and deal with real issues through play, helping them to feel emotionally secure so they further explore the world. Learning through play is the best form of education. This set can also be used to introduce STEAM and coding activities.

Each set is hand painted using child friendly paint and varnish to ensure that it is a safe and long lasting keep sake that’s an asset in every Muslim home.

The wooden peg dolls are made of Birch wood and have been handpainted in South Africa by Baby Mumin.