Home In Paradise - Tapestry Wall Hanging

By Canadian artist, Sanna 

An exclusive, stunning tapestry artwork inspired by the following Quranic Verse: And Allah has struck a similitude for the ones who have believed: the wife of Firaawn (Pharaoh) as she said, "Lord! Build for me a house in your Providence in the Garden, and safely deliver me from Firaawn and his deed (s), and safely deliver me from the unjust people!" 66:11

“Many men reached perfection but none among the women reached perfection except Mary, the daughter of Imran (Mother of Jesus); and Asiya, (Pharaoh's wife).”
— Prophet Muhammedﷺ {Sahih Al-Bukhari}

This piece was inspired by the dua of Asiya RA, presented as a large tapestry piece filled with beautiful, bright and cheerful colors.

Weaved in cotton and polyester fibres and finished in a macrame style tassel trimming.

A statement piece in 40 x 60 cm.

Please note: colours may vary slightly due to different colour monitors.