Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher

by Farah Morley 

With bright illustrations and easy-to-understand language, this book is a sweet way to introduce children to Madina and the companions of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW), through the unique perspective of animals!

In a bustling oasis called Madinah a small tabby cat, Hurayrah, has lost his friend, Abu Hurayrah (RA). The lonely Hurayrah sets out to find him and is soon scampering around the market, scaling the wall of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW)'s mosque, and asking his friend Kaswa, the camel, for help.

After searching high and low Hurayrah decides to wait in the mosque, beside a man resting on the ground. But with the appearance of a sneaky snake, the man’s nap threatens to turn into a nightmare. It is up to Hurayrah to protect the man from danger!

Format: Hardcover with 36 pages

Recommended ages: 3+ years

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