I Want To Be Like The Prophet's (SAW) Wives

Inspire your children with the best of role models.

How much do we know about the Wives of the Prophet SAW?

Let’s follow the journey of a group of young girls who are portraying the attributes and characteristics of each wife. This book has been beautifully crafted through the use of rhymes, clear references, and thoughtful illustrations that teaches the reader the characteristics of each wife and which they were commonly known for.

Both adults and children will enjoy gaining knowledge as it will not only soften your heart but inspire you to fall in love with what they stand for and we should strive our best to follow their examples. They are the best role models for us so let’s join them on this lovely journey.

"We love this book. It mentions each of the Mothers of the Believers with some of her well known characteristics we know from ahadeeth. My 4 year old daughter really liked it, she found the pictures very cute and asks for it to be read. She was named after one of the wives of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) and this book is a useful tool to create this connection and love in her heart for some of the best women ever, her true role models. Jazakillahu khayran" - Review by A.F.

Format: Paperback, 34 pages

Recommended ages: +3 years