Islaam is My Religion Workbook (Girls)

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Islaam is my Religion for Girls ignites children’s creativity and insight by allowing them to learn the fundamental pillars of Islam. In this captivating and engaging book, children will explore basic Arabic phrases helping to develop a love of Islam and the most beautiful and unique language of the Noble Qur’an. 

Children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Stimulate them and allow them the opportunity to discover the following treasures enclosed in our book: 

  • with the aid of an adult, read basic Arabic phrases and understand their meanings (starting a journey of basic conversational Arabic specific to girls)
  • trace or colour in the Arabic phrases
  • decorate the illustrations, using glitter too
  • memorise the Arabic phrases, as well as the 5 Pillars of Islam based upon an authentic hadeeth
  • learn basic supplications and word-for-word meanings
  • learn and memorise short Ahadeeth 

Islaam is my Religion for Girls also features an exclusive A3 poster of the 5 Pillars of Islam to colour in and display, and a tear-out, colour-coded cut out activity on a perforated page. 

Included in the packaging is a gift of sparkling glitter.

Author: Shakira Kassiem, mother, wife, mu’allimah and student of Deen, who has lived in 3 different countries. She has over 13 years of teaching experience, and her writing content and teaching material are always based on the Noble Qur’an and authentic Ahadeeth. 

Proudly South African.

Book Format: paperback, A4 size, 21 pages

Recommended ages: 4yrs - 10yrs