Let's Think About... Allah's Animal Planet

by Ali Gator

Let's Think About... is a series that gets children thinking about the wonders of Allah's creations.

This title will grab the attention of young inquisitive minds.

 Allah's Animal Planet is full of amazing creatures. Each and every one of the them is made perfectly for their natural environment. From the fish in the ocean, to the birds in the sky, from the elephant so large to the ant so small, the wonders of Allah's Animal Planet are all around us. So take a moment to think about all of Allah's creatures, big and small, and think who could create such beautiful creatures? Only Allah.

The notes to teachers and parents section provides a list of points to consider and questions to ask as you read along. This allows for the young readers to receive the maximum benefit from the books, whilst enjoying them.



24 full colour pages

Recommended ages: 3+ years 

ISBN: 978-1-921772-31-3