Muhammad: Encyclopaedia of Seerah For Children (Volume 1)

With photos, diagrams and illustrations on every page, this is a great resource for young Muslims.

Excerpt from the book: The Perfect Human Being. Muhammad was a human, made of flesh and blood, like any other human being. But he was a perfect human in every sense and set a code of conduct by his words and actions. It is unique and unparalleled in human history and will remain a guide for other men and women in every aspect of life for ever. He left a way of life that surpasses all other ideas and philosophies of life. It gives mankind a balances view of everything. It treats man (and woman) as normal human beings with desires and weaknesses. But shows them a way to satisfy their desires, as well as overpower their weaknesses – a way by which they can rise higher in status than even the Angels in spirituality, yet at the same time remain humble and pious creatures of the earth.

Recommended ages: +11 years

Format: hardcover, 96 pages

Editorial board: Afzalur  Rahman, Col Dr Yusuf Abbasi, Prof Muhammad Yusuf, Yasmin Hasan