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Oud Scent Cards (Pack of 3)

Oud Scent Cards (Pack of 3)

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by Nuhr Home

Oud scented fresheners - perfect for use in the car, home or office space. 

Pack of three long lasting Oud fragrance cards which are environmentally friendly and light weight.

Choose between the six combinations below:

Set 1: Rose & Oud, Mango & Oud, Oud Majestic (pack of 3)

Set 2: Oud Arabic, Oud Woods, Oud & Sandalwood (pack of 3)

Set 3: Oud Arabia (All 3 cards are Oud Arabia) 

Set 4: Oud Woods (All 3 cards are Oud Woods)

Set 5: Velvet Jasmine and Oud (all 3 crads are the same) 

Set 6: Oud and Amber (all 3 cards are the same) 

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

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