Read and Rise: Book + Kitaab

The Read & Rise Set empowers you with the full set of training, tools and resources you'll need to completely transform your child's Quran learning journey into a joyful experience that will associate happy memories with the Noble Quran for life. 

Read & Rise includes:

  • Read & Rise Book
  • Kiitab

This clever little device understands where your child is on a page and is able to read out anything they touch. This means your child can listen to any word being perfectly pronounced without the need to have your class teacher’s presence.

But Kiitab doesn't just read words out. Double tap a word and KiiTab will also explain its rules to you. Even better yet, touch the icons at the top of your compatible Read and Rise book and KiiTab will start to play games with your child. This boosts their speed of recognition, makes the experience a lot more fun and improves their reading progress. 

Read & Rise Book:

Using this book to learn Qaidah, your children will embark on a journey through seven adventurous islands each with its own challenges. But with the help of friendly characters and motivational hadeeth they celebrate their wins by with milestone sticker flags along the way until they reach the final accomplishment. Through these elements, each child is essentially creating their own story, filled with fun, adventure and happy memories, all the while endearing them to the Quran along their learning journey.

The book has countless other features, such as a pull out reference page to speed up reading progress and a spacious clean layout making the content accessible, easy and friendly for children to read. Each page is laminated on both sides, and the book cover is hardback making it durable for long-term use.

The WAY your child learns to recite the Quran will stick with them for life. Read & Rise is hands-down the most fun, vibrant and inviting Qaida produced to date.

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