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Reflections: Personal Insights from Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Reflections: Personal Insights from Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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by Yasir Qadhi

This book is meant to inspire us all on this journey of life so that we make the best use of our time. Each topic is chosen to be a quick, easy read with a message that is useful to people at any stage of this journey. These topics were all chosen and selected from khutbahs and talks that were given over the last almost three decades of public speaking, with extensive editing for content, along with the necessary stylistic editing and footnotes that a written work deserves.

Life is a journey. Every one of us is gifted a set amount of time on this earth, and we all must make the best of it before that time is up. While none of us knows exactly how long we have, what is amazing is that per unit time, we all get the exact same amount every unit. We all get different total amounts, but no one's hour is discernibly different from another person's hour. Yet, that is the only real similarity, as some people simply waste entire decades away, while others perform deeds in a few hours or even minutes that last for all of eternity! Some people live life so unremarkable that their existence and non-existence is almost the same to others; while some literally change the course of history.

"Fantastic read to boost your Iman (faith) and spirituality." - review on Amazon

Format: paperback, 166 pages


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