The Ali Series: 5 Book Bundle

by Farheen Khan


Includes all five books in the 'Ali' series, where 9-year-old Ali and his best friend Bear navigate through life's many hair-raising and often hilarious misadventures. From an epic gladiator battle to saving a mischievous baby gibbon's life, the Ali Series explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and bravery.

Titles included in this bundle:

Ali and the Zoo Escape
Ali and the Gladiators
Ali and the Invention Convention
Ali and the Eid Goat
Ali and the Alps

"These books will be enjoyed by children of all backgrounds and represent a positive contribution in diverse literature." - Rukhsana Khan, Best-selling author of The Big Red Lollipop

"Readers will cheer for Ali and his big-hearted adventures!" - Victoria Jamieson, National Book Award finalist co-author of When Stars are Scattered

Recommended ages: 7+ Years old

Format: Paperback