Tween Tales 2: Adventure Camp

Edited by Zaheera Jina Asvat, with stories by Imaan Saban, Yusuf Abdool-Gaffar, Aqeela Saban, Mohammed 'Umay Halday, Maliha Docrat and Zahreen Dasoo

'An enjoyable comfy read', Tween Tales is a collection of short stories written by six South African Muslim tweens. The stories represents a range of tweens' dreams of escapade, be they realistic or fantastical. The stories reflect a central focus on adventure - on camp, on a picnic, and other adventures... 

Being a tween involves a playful balance between little and big. This means that they might act silly in one moment, and sophisticated in the next. Tweens have a lot of informed opinions. They know it all! Through the stories they write, we see the world through their eyes – what they consider embarrassing, what they aspire for themselves and how they strive for independence.

Format: paperback 

Recommended ages: 8+ years old