Wax / Oil Burner and Moon Melt Set - Oud Arabia

by Nuhr Home

Inspired by travels across Arabia this set includes all you need to start using wax melts.  

The Moroccan-pattern wax burner combined with the crescent moon wax melts create the perfect ambience.


1. 2x Oud Arabia Crescent Moon shape Wax Melts

2. 1x Tea Light Candle

3. 1x Wax Melter Burner

Bringing a mysterious essence to your home with this luxurious scent; embodying core oud. Its shimmering, soulful hues mixed together with the sweet and sharpness to embrace its oriental identity.

Inspired by the essence of the East, this Oud Arabia brought to you by Nuhr Home, is a dark and fragrant resin embedded scent. Heartwood being the source of the Oud. Sophisticated Eastern hues, elegantly blending western orient, fortified with bespoke notes of cedarwood, jasmine, rose, cyclamen, green citrus, floral balsam and melon undertones.