We Are Muslim

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by: Rumeana Jahangir 

"Mummy, why are we Muslim? Everyone at school keeps asking about it."
"That's okay. It's better to ask and understand."

From Ramadan to Jesus, young Hanna wants to find out about her Islamic faith. Join Hanna and her family in this beautifully illustrated book! Do you want to know more about Islam but are afraid to ask? Are you stuck at answering children's questions about the religion? Well, help is at hand with this beautiful picture book for those of all faiths or none. 

After frequently being asked about her religion, Hanna - a mixed-race British girl - wants to find out more. Join her as she discovers more from her parents and grandparents, and starts to feel more comfortable in her self. Answering the questions that children (and many adults) have, this will please young and old as well as prove a useful tool for schools and educational groups.

The story has been highly commended in a contest by the prestigious publisher Faber and Faber.

Format: paperback, 32 pages

Recommended ages: 4+