When The Two Seas Meet: Building Bonds Excelling in the Role of Mother-in-Law

The second edition of the book loved by so many.

The debut book of Umm Muhammad & Mumtaz Raffi. 

The book delves into the challenges faced by a mother-in-law, and how to overcome them with wisdom, dignity and grace. It gives different strategies on building a successful, healthy, and positive relationship with a daughter-in-law empowering a unique bond between the two. 

It beautifully portrays the journey of a mother to a mother-in-law. Being a mother-in-law herself, the author Umm Muhammad very courageously points out the common but very important reasons why a mother-in-law has a change of heart, which affects the whole dynamics of a family. She emphasizes to set right one’s priorities before starting this relationship. She points out different vices that are responsible for creating cracks in an otherwise beautiful bond. 

The importance of patience, gratitude, istighfardua and adhkar are also emphasized. The book explains in detail how to strengthen ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Although the book is written for a mother-in-law, it is equally beneficial for a daughter-in-law, as well as every member of a household, be it a father, son, daughter, etc. 

What's new in the second edition: 

- Added insights 

- Practical scenarios

- Ways to deal with toxic daughter in law

For a review by Mufti Menk, visit the following link

Format: Paperback