April 26, 2020 1 min read

If you have ever wondered about the absolutely incredible Al-Ghazali books for children which we stock at SUHAYLAkids, there is now an opportunity to experience one volume for free this Ramadan, as a gift from the publishers, Fons Vitae. 

These books have received high acclaim across the world from families, schools and madressas who have used it with their children and students, and we would highly recommend this free opportunity to experience this wonderful learning experience with your mini Muslims. 

Included in the free Ramadan offering are the following:

1) Ramadan Treasure Fun with Imam Al-Ghazali- 27 Days Exploring The Book of Fasting! – Enjoy activities with your children every day of Ramadan.
2) The eBook of Ghazali’s Book of Fasting for Children
3) An audiobook of the Book of Fasting for Children

Download the above for FREE here. 

To purchase the rest of the Ghazali Children's books as physical copies (volumes 1 to 6) from SUHAYLAkids, browse the full range here.
Learn more about the Ghazali Children’s project here.

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