Israa' & Mi'raj with your Mini Muslims

Israa' & Mi'raj with your Mini Muslims

Enthrall your mini Muslims with the miraculous story of Israa' and Mi'raj. With a flying horse, a superhero Prophet (PBUH) who meets all the other Prophets (AS) from all times in a special gathering, and then flies up to Heaven to meet Allah SWT - this story will excite your children as they learn about why we pray salaah 5 times a day.

SUHAYLA have collated the following resources for you to use with your mini Muslims, to learn about this very special occasion. 

FREE: Read the Story of Israa’ and Mi`raj to Your Mini Muslim
by Maria Zain

Refer to the following link for the a wonderful story of Israa' and Mi'raj in child-friendly language, for you to download and retell to your children:

Article by the late Maria Zain, may Allah have mercy on her soul. Adapt according to your child's age.

Read the Picture Book by Happy Hearts Deen

Happy Hearts Deen has retold this magnificent event through simple text and beautifully designed illustrations in a locally-produced book to illuminate this miraculous event for young Muslims! 

Order the book here

For hands-on fun, check out their dough cutters inspired by this miraculous night. 

FREE Short Story on Israa' and Mi'raj and related activities

by Ndaa Hassan, author of Ramadan Around the World

Eight page activity pack that includes interactive hands on worksheets filled with bright illustrations and simple wording for the children to understand. Suitable for ages 3-7. Download at the following link. 

FREE Listen to an Audiostory by Mamanushka Storytime

A beautiful audiostory by our favourite bloggers at Mamanushka, suitable for children aged 4 and above, it has the perfect amount of description for the youngest audience without losing any of the detail for the older ones. 

Listen to it on SoundCloud here. 

FREE Get Creative: Free Miraj Art Resource

This resource provides instructions on how to create a fabulous Miraj Art Galaxy using acrylic paints. Also included are the Prophets’ (as) names templates to cut and stick on to your Galaxy Art to help your children to retell the story of the Miraj.

Enjoy a fun session of Art with this FREE Resource brought to you by Mama Teaches Me and Shade 7.

Read about Israa' and Mi'raj in a Children's Islamic Encyclopedia
by Zanib Mian

Included in "Migo and Ali: A-Z of Islam" is the story of the night journey, beautifully told in child-friendly language with vivid illustrations. Purchase online here.

FREE Lesson Plan

For more in-depth activities and learning around this blessed event, check out this 44-page free guided lesson by Khidmah Collective.

Read from the Seerah

Select a seerah from your personal collection to read and reflect on this event from the life of Nabi Muhammad SAW. Our favourite is this authentic Seerah for children. Another option: if you have the book, Marvellous Stories from the Life of Muhammad, this event is one of eighteen stories from the life of our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him.

We pray these resources fascinate your children and bring a sense of wonderment of Allah's magnificence and His mercy in reducing the Salaah to simply five daily prayers. Ameen. 

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Assalaam mualaikum

Jazakallah for this! I found this via Instagram and it is perfect for me to use with my 8 year old this year and the next two years too, inshallah. A perfect blend of creative work and homeschooling resource.


Pls send me all the links for Israa and Miraj.jzk khair.


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