Laylatul Qadr with your Mini Muslims

As the last ten nights are upon us, and we now seek the Night of Power, this is an opportune time for us to introduce our mini Muslims to Laylatul Qadr.

Explanation of Laylatul Qadr

⭐️ Firstly, we can explain to them what is special about this night - i.e. the night during which the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to the Prophet Muhammed SAW. Allah is so kind and generous that during this night, any worship which we do will be accepted as 1000 months of worship - more than 83 years (perhaps use an elderly relative as a reference point to this time period).

Our of favourite authors, the award-winning Zanib Mian, has compiled a brilliant explanation which we share every Ramadan - it is a great child-friendly explanation of the Night of Power and I highly recommend you read it with your children. Download it here. Her writing style is loved my Muslim children around the world, and this is a chance for you to understand why! All her books may be purchased online at SUHAYLAkids.

If you have her children's encyclopedia, Migo & Ali: A-Z of Islam, you can read the pages on Laylatul Qadr (just 1 page of the section is shown below), as well as the sections on Angels and the Quran. 


Surah Al-Qadr

⭐️ Depending on their age, you may also read Surah Al-Qadr with them, and reflect on its tafseer. I'm sure the imagery of the angels descending during this night will captivate them subhanAllah! Use the 'Your Surahs Made Easy' book if you have it, or Qur'an in Plain English!

Itikaf Tent

⭐️ Set up an itikaf tent for them: basically, it's a dedicated area for your mini Muslims to read, play, learn and reflect or relax during Ramadan... and it's for kids only! 😎 You may use a tent / teepee if you have one, or consider building a fort with your kids as their itikaf tent, or a mini masjid (we love the one below by The Inspired Muslim Mama!). Mamanushka have written a blog with instructions on how to create a cardboard Masjid as pictured above. Set up their favourite books, Ramadan-related or otherwise, musallahs and tasbihs, snacks and, of course, a Qur'an if your child is old enough to read it. A visit to the masjid to see the set up for those observing itikaf would also help put things into context.

Revelation of the Qur'an

⭐ Retell the story of the revelation of the Qur'an, and perhaps, if time permits, try a related craft such as painting the cave of Hira, or recreating the scene with playdoh.

The Ramadan Story Sound Book covers the revelation of the Quran, as well as more on the significance of Laylatul Qadr, and it recites the sunnah dua for this night as well as Surah Al-Qadr. 

I Wonder About the Qur'an is another great resource. 

Dua List

⭐️ Create a dua list / chart, not forgetting to include the recommended dua per the Sunnah: Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun, tuhibbul-‘afwa, fa’fu ‘anni... O Allah, You are Most Forgiving, and You love forgiveness; so forgive me).” [At-Tirmidhi]. We love this FREE "Dear Allah" letter by Happy Hearts Deen

A newly released storybook on Laylatul Qadr

Humayra Parak Randeree has written a lovely story on Laylatul Qadr. Join Maha, Maryam and their Dada on an incredible, magical journey through Ramadan. Learn its virtues, fun facts, discover the magic of Laylatul Qadr and enjoy the special bond between grandfather and grandchildren. View the book here. 

⭐️ May Allah accept all your efforts during these last few, precious days of Ramadan, and may your hearts find contentment in seeking Him. Ameen.


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