Collection: The Barakah Plate

The Barakah Plate was designed for beautiful, intentional gifting. Gifting that goes beyond the occasion. Gifting that, insha’Allah, marks the beginning of an ongoing flow of immense blessing, of Barakah.

Handcrafted in South Africa, The Barakah Plate features the following wording:
This plate is given with love,
And heartfelt prayers too.
A gift of food and blessings,
Especially for you.
This plate has no owner,
So please pass it on.
As you gift it to others,
May your blessings grow on.

Before gifting The Barakah Plate, we gently advise you to make a good intention. Specifically, one should gift with the intention of seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT, and following the Sunnah of giving gifts. By doing so, there will be Barakah attached to and flowing from your generous gesture, insha’Allah.