30 Hadith for Kids

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by Zanib Mian

The language of hadith often goes over children’s heads, leaving them uninterested, and unable to retain the information. Alhamdulilah, not with this book! The child-friendly explanations, lively design, illustration and section on how they can use the wisdom in their lives, will build a new love for hadith in young hearts InshaAllah! All hadiths are sahih.

Added features: 

  • All hadiths are sahih (authentic).
  • The meaning of each hadith is explained in child-friendly language.
  • For each hadith, the author provides practical examples of how children can apply the prophetic teachings in their daily lives.

Recommended Age: 5+ years

Format: Paperback

No. of Pages: 59

ISBN: 978-0-9955406-1-3

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