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A Coat For Life

A Coat For Life

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by Nabeela Vad Walla

2nd edition - 2022

Offering an Islamic insight to an array of problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and more, this book also provides an in-depth study into the sunnah foods and how they affect us. It is filled with Islamic alternatives to ailments. 

A compilation of the author's research and published articles on the Islamic Perspective of mental illnesses such as depression, and its presence and relevance to Muslims, supported by text from the Holy Quran.

The book also covers a large part of the Sunnah foods practised and relayed to the Ummah by the Prophet Muhammed SAW. These natural foods have mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

The book focuses on understanding relevant issues in society and addressing them and using current-day resources to help resolve and achieve a better lifestyle, both in terms of mind and body.

We are living in times, when people are more open to discussing and addressing taboo topics, more so because, now more than ever, society outwardly experiences the ills of the lifestyle we believe we should live. This hand-book / guide allows for one to learn and appropriately understand common issues and can be regarded as a “safe-place” to adopt methods, in a westernized world.

These methods are supported by texts from Quraanic Aayahs, and Quotes by The Prophet Muhammed SAW, as relayed by his companions. These methods are also being used by western societies. However, the methods advised the guide have been adapted to support an Islamic Lifestyle.

All methods advised in the handbook have been tried, tested and proven successful. Research on the success of these methods have not only been tested worldwide, but more specifically these methods have received positive feedback after the articles had been published to the public.

Note: This handbook is a guideline and in no way should be replaced over medical professional advice.

Listen to this book review / interview with the author  by Salaamedia on SoundCloud

Format: Paperback, 156 pages 

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