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A Place of Refuge

A Place of Refuge

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By Asmaa Hussein, author of the bestselling title 'A Temporary Gift' 

A Place of Refuge is a reminder that we need to have faith during adversity & be thankful during prosperity. It is also a reminder that “forging a relationship with our Creator is our true refuge” from any difficulties we may face in this world.

In a series of inspiring essays, Asmaa Hussein unfolds how her lived experiences gave her insight & has shown her a spiritual connection to stories from the Quraan and Sunnah. Her experiences of personal hardships & how she has shown continuous strength & resilience through each challenge is what makes this book so powerful & inspiring. From the everyday involvement of single parenthood to the effects of old traumas, she focuses on the importance of turning to our Creator in all situations.

"Stunning in its impact, this is a must-read for all human hearts." - S.K. Ali, award-winning and New York Times bestselling author

"...demonstrates the infinite power of faith in healing emotional wounds and dealing with psychological trauma." - Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Dean of Academic Affairs, The Islamic Seminary of America 

"I finished this book within the first 24 hours of receiving it. Asmaa has a God-given talent to share her painful experiences in a way that brings back hope, love and inspiration of God in all of our lives. Whether you have experienced loss in a way as deep as Asmaa's or not, this book, and every single word in it, will help you re-discover your own spiritual journey to God, in a way that is emotional, therapeutic, healing." - 5 star review by Aisha Khaja

Format: Paperback

No. of Pages: 180

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