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Abu Ubaidah Soars!

Abu Ubaidah Soars!

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by Bushwillow Books (written by Muhammad Kola, with illustrations by Ayesha Jacub and editing by Fatima Ragie) 

Abu Ubaidah enjoys gardening with his parents. He also loves to build gadgets. A lost ring, a hidden treasure, and some repair work lead Abu Ubaidah on a soaring journey!

“Abu Ubaidah Soars!” follows the adventure of a young boy in the heart of Johannesburg as he sets out to find his mother’s lost wedding ring. With some gardening, a metal detector, a hidden treasure, and a bit of tinkering and experimenting, Abu Ubaidah has a soaring journey. Young readers will be inspired by the confident, hardworking and industrious nature of protagonist of this story, and hopefully be motivated to set out on their own journeys of discovery.

Format: Hardcover 

A proudly South African publication. 

Recommended ages: 2+ years old 

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