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Adhan Clock - Automatic Prayer Times By Location

Adhan Clock - Automatic Prayer Times By Location

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Introducing the Adhan Clock by Quran Cube, the leading Islamic Tech company in the world. The Adhan plays at the time of each prayer, according to your location. Once your date, time and location is set, the prayer times will automatically reflect according to your location, Alhamdulillah.
  • Worldwide prayer times
  • Multiple Adhan recitations (e.g. Makkah Haram Adhan, Madinah Haram, etc).
  • Available in Arabic or English language.
  • Hijri and Gregorian Calendars
  • Temperature Display
  • Table stand for display purposes
  • Can also be hung directly onto a wall 
  • Different calculation methods available for Salaah times 
  • Available in black and white. 

Note - there are certain cities pre-loaded onto the Adhan Clock. If your city is not pre-loaded, it can be added manually using the city's latitude, longitude and GMT information. 

Dimensions: 23.5cm x 16cm
Screen: 19.5 cm

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