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Amira The Singing Princess Doll

Amira The Singing Princess Doll

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Learning about Islam is so much fun with your new  friend, Amira! Removable Hijab. 

An enjoyable way for children and adults to learn about Islam! Amira songs ten beautiful nasheeds for your children to learn. 

40 cm (16″) soft plush doll is the perfect size for hugging!

Voiced by YouTube sensation Ayisha Abdul Basith! Amira the Singing Princess sings these popular Nasheeds with vocals only (no instruments):

Track 1:

  • Mawlaya salli wa salim

  • Tala al Badr Alayna

  • Rahman ya Rahman

  • Qamaroon

  • Hallaka sirrun indallah

Track 2:

  • Muhammad Nabina

  • Mustafa Mustafa

  • Ya Taybah

  • Assubhu (Allah Hu, Allah Hu)

  • Ya Nabi Salaam Alayka

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