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Amir's Blue Jacket

Amir's Blue Jacket

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by Sarah Musa (Ruqaya's Bookshelf)

A heart-warming story about lasting charity, and giving from what you love the most.

Amir loves his Grandpa and wants to wear Grandpa's jacket to remember him. But after a hot wash cycle, Amir's jacket shrinks and he realizes he has to make a choice. Would his grandpa be proud of the decision Amir makes?

"What a beautifully meaningful story. This story focuses, not on the grief, but on the memories of those loved ones that have passed on. It is executed in a way that young readers can understand such a big concept in an simple way. The blue jacket is symbolic to the fact that materialistic belongings do not last forever. Rather their memories live on the deeds they have done and have taught the generations they have left behind. The hadith is quoted at the end of the book as a reminder to all of us. You can really see Amir's character learning and growing throughout the story. The bond between Amir and his grandfather is just so tender and filled with love. When I read this book for the first time, my eyes got teary. It really is a touching story. Definitely a must have book!" - 5-star review by Muslim Kids Book Nook

Recommended ages: 4+ years
Format: 40 Pages, paperback, perfect-bound

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