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Ayatul Kursi Fine Art Print: Simple Sphere

Ayatul Kursi Fine Art Print: Simple Sphere

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by MinimalEast, Nirvana Gallery

Simple Sphere is an understated but beautiful artwork with a minimalist backdrop that highlights the circular calligraphy rendition of Ayatul Kursi.

You may select the artwork in any of the following sizes: A4, A3, A2. 

Available in various colours, with the additional option of changing the colour of the background.

If you would like to choose the background colour, please select the "Custom Background Colour" option in your desired size and enter your desired colour in the field above (see guidelines below).

Features include:

    • The fine art print is produced using a giclée fine art printing process
    • Giclée ink was selected to ensure a quality fine art reproduction, which cannot be reproduced with a regular printer.
    • The fine art print is produced on white premium, lustre art paper with a smooth, glossy surface (220 grams).
    • This is a reproduction of original artwork and is virtually indistinguishable from the original.

Frames and mounting boards (i.e. off white borders) are not included with the artwork.  

Note that this is made to order. Colours and details may appear differently to those shown on your screen depending on the device you use and the size you choose.

Custom Background Colour Option:

If you would like to change the background colour, please select the "Custom Background Colour" option in your desired size and enter your desired colour in the field above, and we will send a preview before printing. To help us accurately capture your vision, please provide one or more of the following.

  1. Colour Name: Please provide a specific colour name (e.g., midnight blue, coral pink, olive green) to help us understand the exact shade you are looking for.

  2. Colour Code: If possible, provide us with a colour code (e.g., HEX, RGB, CMYK) to guarantee a precise colour match. This will ensure that we accurately reproduce the hue you have in mind.

  3. Colour Mood or Matching to Colour Palette: If you don't have a specific colour in mind but would like to convey a particular mood or match to a specific palette, feel free to describe the emotion you want the background to evoke (e.g., calm, energetic, romantic) or describe the colour palette. This will help our artist select an appropriate colour that aligns with your vision.

  4. Reference Images: If you have any reference images or colour samples that showcase your desired background colour, please share them with us. This will further help our artist understand your vision and create a piece that meets your expectations.

Lead time:

5-12 working days

About the Artist

This artwork is part of MinimalEast by Nirvana Gallery, a curated selection of sophisticated Islamic art prints that have been designed to elevate your walls at accessible price points. These pieces are exclusive to SUHAYLA in South Africa.

All Nirvana Gallery artworks sold by SUHAYLA were originally made, designed and/or embellished by hand. Every piece receives significant time and attention to detail. The reproductions of the originals are printed using top quality giclée inks and finished by fine art specialists. 

Nirvana Gallery was founded in 2020, a year that brought great uncertainty and disruption to us all. Amidst the chaos and noise, the founder of Nirvana Gallery, Aalia, found solace in the creativity of paint, calligraphy and design; a way to elevate her soul and find inner peace.

From this newfound passion emerged Nirvana Gallery, a labour of love and a tribute to our faith. In these uncertain and often tumultuous times, it's more crucial than ever to turn inwards and centre our lives around our Creator. By keeping our faith close to our hearts and minds, we can weather the storms with grace and gratitude.

At Nirvana Gallery, our sincere and humble wish is to adorn your hearts and homes with beauty, blessings, divine favour, and a conscious embrace of faith, insha-Allah.

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