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Bibi's Blessing

Bibi's Blessing

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By Lela Usama Goldsmith (Ruqaya's Bookshelf)

An intricately woven Islamic story for kids about finding the hidden blessings in everything that happens!

Mwana lives in Lamu (Kenya) with her grandmother, Bibi. Bibi makes the best mofa bread on the island, and Mwana sells them at the market.

After she trips on a stone and drops all the mofas that Bibi made, Mwana is sad and disappointed. She can't sell them anymore!

Bibi tells her there are blessings in everything that happens, but will Mwana be able to see them?

"As usually, another beautiful story from Ruqayyahs Bookshelf. This one had the whole family in tears! The simple reminder that there is khair in all things, whether we can understand it or not, we must be thankful even in the apparent bad in Allahs blessings and plans. I’m so proud to have this beautiful addition and I truly hope every Muslim family adds it to there’s as well. Not just a beautiful reminder and message for kids, but for adults alike ❤️" - 5 star review by Alina Hasan


Ages 4+, 36 pages, paperback

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