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Bilal's Second Surprise

Bilal's Second Surprise

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Written by Sumayyah Hussein (Ruqaya's Bookshelf)

This imaginative new baby story for Muslim children will have your kids laughing out loud!

When Bilal wakes up to find his parents missing and Grandma sleeping in their bed, he knows it might not be an ordinary day. But when Dad walks into the house in a tired daze, Bilal is confused! Why is Dad brushing his teeth with a comb? Has Dad forgotten how to make wudu? Where is he trying to go on Bilal's tricycle? And most importantly, where exactly is Mom?

"Our family laughed with every turned page, such an adorable book that's hilariously honest and warm loving and depicts the exhaustion surrounding a newborn and the instant bond it creates with older siblings." - 5 star review by Hibz

Please visit the following link for an independent review of this book.

Recommended ages: 4+ years

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