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Build Your Jannah - 52-week Learning Activity

Build Your Jannah - 52-week Learning Activity

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A 52-week learning activity for the entire family. Let's get the entire family involved!

"Build Your Jannah" is an easy way for you to gain Paradise, inshaAllah.

The activity includes the following for each week:

1) Revive a Sunnah - one Sunnah that all family members practise for the entire week.

2) Hadith of the Week - A hadith that you should learn daily and have memorised by the end of the week. The chosen hadith correlates with the Sunnah you will be practising for the week, making it easier to learn and remember, inshaAllah.

3) 2 of the 99 Names of Allah - these 2 names of our most Merciful Allah should be learnt daily and memorised by the end of the week.

There is a card for each week - i.e. 52 weekly cards. The cards come in a custom-made wooden box. Also included: 4 instruction cards and a wooden magnet for your fridge, to display that week's card. 

Proudly South African - by Simply Ilm.

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