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Akhlaaq Building Series: Controlling Your Anger

Akhlaaq Building Series: Controlling Your Anger

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by Ali Gator

In Controlling Your Anger, Saaliha lends her friend her favourite pencil, but she accidentally loses it. How will Saaliha react? Will she get angry? Will she yell at her friend? No, Saaliha shows us the best way to act when something like this happens.

Having a younger brother like Ali, there are always going to be situations that could make you angry. Saaliha learns that Controlling Your Anger isn't that difficult, and you can too.

The Akhlaaq Building Series aims to teach children to follow the example of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and to be nice to all people.


24 full colour pages

Recommended ages: 3+ years

ISBN: 978-1-921772-34-4

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