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In The Court Of Rasulullah (SAW) - Free eBook (Download)

In The Court Of Rasulullah (SAW) - Free eBook (Download)

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A beautiful, useful book for anyone visiting Madinah based on a personal experience by Shafiq Al Ummah Hadrat Mawlana Muhammad Faruq 

It is related by a person from the family of Khattab that Rasulullah SAW said "Whosoever undertakes a journey specially to visit my grave, will be my neighbour on the day of Qiyamah. Whoever lives in Madinah Munawwarah and bears with pateince its hardships and trials, for him I will be a witness and intercessor of the day of Qiyamah. Whoever dies in Makkah Mukarramah or Madinah Munawwarah will be raised on the day of Qiyamah with those who have been granted safety."

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