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Discover The Best In Your Relationships: Life Coaching For Muslims

Discover The Best In Your Relationships: Life Coaching For Muslims

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by Sayeda Habib

This book looks at how to improve your relationships with your inner and outer circles in order to life a happier and content life. Accompanied with diagrams, charts, exercises and examples and quotes from the Qur’an and sunnah, this book will prove to be a great companion through your life journey.

Discover the Best in your Relationships provides you with practical strategies to turn any difficult relationship around. Sayeda Habib introduces general concepts that apply to all relationships and then addresses specific relationship areas in detail. She lays out practical exercises that will help you enhance the relationships that matter most.

You will learn to develop more self-compassion, let go of old baggage with siblings, develop communication skills, reduce the impact of stress in your relationships, learn strategies for tantrum-free parenting, combat emotional blackmail and more. Examples from the Qur’an and the Hadith, along with personal case studies, provide valuable inspiration to help transform any
strained relationship!

Kinship is a trial from Allah. Whoever maintains its ties will have ties with Allah, and whoever severs those ties will have them severed by Allah. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

This book is a deep-dive into how human beings “do” relationships. You will learn some concepts that are important for relationships in general. Next, this book will help you explore a specific relationship that you wish to improve. Most of the relationships that impact our lives on a daily basis are covered here. Do keep in mind that some of these principles can be applied to relationships that have not been directly

Read an excerpt of the book at the following link.
SAYEDA HABIB is a certified and credentialed coach who has been coaching Muslims since 2003. She is qualified in EMDR, NLP, and Neuroscience-based coaching. She offers personal coaching, workshops, and online courses and has been featured on television and radio. For further information, hop on to her website

Format: Paperback 

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