Dr Hany El Banna - A Servant to the World's Poorest People

By Suma Din

Dr Hany El Banna, the founder of Islamic Relief Worldwide, is a tireless humanitarian activist working for the world’s poorest people. Follow his footsteps as he moves to the UK as a young doctor, only to become the president of a global humanitarian relief organisation. From underground tunnels in war-torn Bosnia to the cyclone ravished villages of Bangladesh, find out what drove Dr El Banna to people in need. The story of his efforts to establish Islamic Relief around the world is at once a warm, inspiring and occasionally eccentric tale of humanity.

This is the first part in the ‘Muslims in the Modern World’. This series brings together the lives and personalities of a range of influential and fascinating Muslim figures. They are filled with rare images, illustrated maps and personal anecdotes giving the reader a unique viewpoint into their lives. The short biographies will inspire young readers and introduce them to a set of unique and captivating role models in the modern world.

Format: Paperback, 104 pages

Recommended: +12 years