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Esa and Sol's Adventures: The Hunt for the Saphaea

Esa and Sol's Adventures: The Hunt for the Saphaea

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by Asma Maryam Ali

A chapter book with 14 possible endings!

Can Esa and Sol find Zarkali's missing astrolabe? Help them choose what to do on their adventure as they search for it. The right choices will lead to discovering some ancient missing Hebrew and Arabic scriptures along the way, and the wrong choices will lead to dead-ends. 

About the author: Asma Maryam Ali is a former elementary school teacher and now a practicing Psychotherapist. She resides both in Canada and in Granada, Spain, where she set up a retreat centre, Maristan, after falling in love with Spain’s rich heritage and beautiful landscapes. She offers therapeutic retreats that also acquaint guests with the inspiring history of Spain.

Format: Paperback, 80 pages

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