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Great Muslims of the West: Makers Of Western Islam

Great Muslims of the West: Makers Of Western Islam

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by Muhammad Mojlum Khan

This book is a unique, inspiring and authoritative study of the history, culture and heritage of the Western world from an Islamic perspective. Through the lives of more than 50 great Western Muslims, this book reveals a remarkably rich and diverse cultural history spanning more than 1400 years. Challenging Eurocentric or essentialist views on Western history, culture and civilization, this book argues that Islam – like Christianity – has always been a Western religion and culture. Indeed, the lives and contributions of the extraordinary and influential Western Muslims covered in this book shows that Islam is truly a global faith and culture, transcending race, color, language and geographical boundaries. Aimed at students, scholars and general readers, this highly innovative, informative and invaluable book is a must read for Muslims and non-Muslims, Westerners and Easterners alike.

“Extensively researched… a wealth of information on a subject of great substance… far-reaching and fascinating… this book is worth reading and preserving.” —Dawn, Pakistan

"...A good read because it shines the light on many erased and forgotten Muslims who have lived and left traces on the Western world for centuries and in this century. The most like-able part is when unsung and erased female Muslim scholars have been documented with great care." - review on Amazon

Format: Paperback, 500 pages

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