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Healing the Emptiness: A guide to emotional and spiritual well-being

Healing the Emptiness: A guide to emotional and spiritual well-being

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by Yasmin Mogahed, author of the bestselling 'Reclaim Your Heart'.

Yasmin Mogahed's newest release entitled 'Healing the Emptiness', ten years in the making, is now available in South Africa at

At some level, so many of us have experienced emptiness. But very few people know why. And even fewer people know how to fill that emptiness. But we spend our lives trying...

As flawed human beings, we so often cringe at our humanness. We try everything to erase it. We look for any way to hide from our wounds and to numb the pain. But what if we didn't have to hide? What if our wound became the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and God? What if every wound served a purpose and the process of healing made us stronger?

This life and our entire journey here, is not an end in itself. It is a purposeful process, designed by God to shape our hearts. To prepare our souls for the Final Meeting with Him. We must allow the process to refine and remake us. And our wounds are a part of that process. It will hurt. It will seem like the end so many times. But it is not the end. Our journey will keep going and we can rise out of our pain, stronger.

And then in the end, it won't be how we walked in the sun-but how we handled the storm-that will define us. It won't be about how we ran. It will be about how we fell, and then got back up.

This book is about finding strength in God and in our capacity to be both human and beautiful--both flawed and inspired. It is a journey to the understanding that we are flawed by design so that we can find strength and beauty in relying entirely on the Flawless.

This book is about learning why we suffer and how to stop our pain from destroying us. It is a spiritual and psychological manual for healing and growth through our pain. It is about finding peace and purpose, no matter what we've been through.

Review by Mufti Menk:

'A timely guide as many are grappling with emotional and spiritual well-being, post pandemic. It's well-researched and addresses pain in a systematic manner, guiding the reader through every aspect of his experience, leading to the Prophetic formula for healing. 

We all know trials are part of life. The pain we experience serves a purpose. It will shape us into who we are.

"Healing the Emptiness" is a definite, relevant read for anyone who is interested in picking themselves up again and moving ahead in this short journey called life.' - Mufti Menk

Format: Paperback, 242 pages

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