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Heaven is at Mama's Feet

Heaven is at Mama's Feet

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by Shifa Saltagi Safadi (Ruqaya's Bookshelf)

A lovely story about whether we'll ever be able to fill our mother's shoes!

Since Ibrahim's little brother Musa was born, Ibrahim hasn't been feeling very special anymore. At Musa's Aqeeqah, he learns that Heaven is at his mom's feet, so he decides he wants heaven to be at his feet, too! Maybe if he copies what his mom does, he will finally be special again, just like her. Can Ibrahim do everything Mama does or are her shoes too big to fill?

"Beautifully written book that is so relatable for children, with an underlying lesson that is so important to reach our children. Colorful and vibrant illustrations that drew even my 1 year old’s attention. Recommend for every household!" - 5-star review by Dania

Format: paperback: 36 pages

Recommended ages: 4+


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