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History Of Islam: Ali ibn Abi Taalib RA

History Of Islam: Ali ibn Abi Taalib RA

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by Maulvi Abdul Aziz 

Ali Ibn Abi Talib - the Fourth Caliph Of Islam - was the first male to accept Islam at a young age. He was the Prophet's SAW cousin, the son of Abu Talib (the Prophet SAW's supportive and loving uncle who protected him during the worst trials of his early Prophethood). Ali's devotion to the Prophet SAW is seen during the Hijrah (migration) when he acted as the Prophet's decoy in Makkah while the Prophet left under the cover of night and migrated to Madinah, accompanied by Abu Bakr R.A. Ali Ibn Abi Talib was also one of the members of the Prophet's household. The Prophet SAW took him into his care when he was only 5 years old and gave him an excellent upbringing.

Format: hardcover, 172 pages

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