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Imagine Me In Jannah!

Imagine Me In Jannah!

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A rhyming book encouraging little ones to imagine what they would like in Jannah! There are pages at the end of the book for children to write down their wish-list too!

"Imagine me in Jannah! How amazing would that be? Allah will give us whatever we want. Even things we've never seen!"

Find out what some boys and girls from different backgrounds would like in Jannah in this imaginative rhyming book! Every spread opens up into a whole new vision of how characters picture themselves in heaven. 

Towards the end, you are invited to imagine yourselves in heaven. How super-duper would that be?! Use the creative spaces provided across 5 pages to record your own visions of Jannah and watch the wish-list grow with you!

Suitable for 3 years and upwards.

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