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Islamic Studies: Textbook 8 – Learn about Islam Series by Safar

Islamic Studies: Textbook 8 – Learn about Islam Series by Safar

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The Safar Islamic Studies series, with fully illustrated colour textbooks and corresponding workbooks, is used in madressas and Muslim homes across the world. 

The workbook is designed to complement the overall teaching methodology and aims to revise and test core knowledge through standard level questions, as well as to allow children to creatively engage with the material through advanced level questions.  The secondary curriculum also allows students to use their literacy and numeracy skills.

This set of books continues to deliver our aim and ambition to ensure our books are not just perfect for use in the classroom, but they are also life guides for Muslims growing up today.  Our secondary series fulfills a purpose beyond the classroom, the books may be used by advanced learners, home schoolers, youth clubs, informal study groups, ḥalaqahs and independent readers and adult learners.

This makes this textbook not only relevant to the experiences of young Muslims today, but also a guide to thinking about and developing a good understanding of the world and actively engaging with complex questions and issues they face growing up.  There is a wide range of new content in this book which we know our readers and teacher will love and appreciate.

Textbook 8 corresponds with Workbook 8 which covers more than 25 different topics.


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