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Just Like The Prophet SAW: Gift Set of 5 Books

Just Like The Prophet SAW: Gift Set of 5 Books

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Complete set of 5 books as part of the 'Just Like The Prophet Muhammed SAW' Children’s Book Series

A wonderful gift to teach the sunnah & adab in an easy rhyming sequence - each book contains 40 Prophetic Narrations in rhyming English.

Presented in a beautiful case/bag with ribbon handles. (flat-packed during courier)

Includes the following books by Maulana Moin Uddin Khan:

  1. Eating Like The Prophet ,
  2. Sleeping Like The Prophet,
  3. Walking Like The Prophet,
  4. Speaking Like The Prophet, and
  5. Celebrating Like The Prophet ﷺ

"My son read these books... and subhanAllah he benefited a lot. Alhamdulillah. I would really recommended them for children." - 5 star review by Um Hafiz

Format: set of 5 paperback books

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