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Juz Amma Journal (Colourful Qur'an with word-for-word translation, tajweed & tafseer)

Juz Amma Journal (Colourful Qur'an with word-for-word translation, tajweed & tafseer)

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by Ayeina

This journal has been created for children and adults to form a lifelong relationship with the Quran. 

The aim is to enable a reader, whose first language is not Arabic, to understand the Quran as well as to improve his / her knowledge of Arabic, particularly the Quranic Arabic. Perfect step-by-step learning journal for both adults and children alhamdulillah.

Key Features 
  • Large A4 size format with 250+ pages
  • Clear Arabic Text (easier for kids to read the text when they shift from the Qaida to the Quran)
  • Colour-coded Tajweed
  • Colourful, word-for-word meaning
  • Easy translation in English (to provide a better understanding)
  • Mini Tafseer (explanation, interpretation, context or commentary of the Qur'an for a clear understanding of Allah’s words)
  • Quran Tracker
Mini Tafseer
At the start of each Surah, there's a brief introduction which clarifies the main theme of the Surah for some background context along with the place of revelation and number of Aayaat. Tafseer has only been done through sahih ahadith (with references).
Quran Tracker
To track recitation, understanding, reflection, memorisation and application of knowledge - it not only tracks complete tracking of the Surah, but also Aayah by Aayah. Each Arabic and English translation ends with a dotted tick mark which you can write a date on for tracking hifdh, qiraa'at or tafseer journey.
Root Letters Extraction & Arabic Writing Practise
Includes in-depth Arabic meaning through the help of Arabic dictionary - only 4 words are chosen out of each Surah to expand Arabic vocabulary one by one - gradually. Reference is also made to others parts in the Quran where these words are mentioned. 
A section is also included for Arabic handwriting practise. 
Reflection Section / Quran Journaling
Because the purpose of reading and memorising the Quran is to reflect upon it and apply it in our lives.
Encouragement Notes & Certificate
Ahadith to help kids moving forward without getting demotivated bi'idhnillah. Certificate is included to encourage the reader to keep going forward in their journey towards completing the Quran. 

The following Arabic to English dictionaries have been referred to for this publication:
The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic 4th edition, Arabic-English Lexicon by Edward William Lane, Dictionary and Glossary of the Quran by John Penrice, Vocabulary of the Holy Quran by Dr. Nadwi.

Format: paperback, A4 size 

Please note: Pens are not included. 


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