Juz Tabarak Hifdh Tracker

Keep track of your hifdh with our Juz Tabarak Hifdh Journey Tracker.

A simple, easy to use tracker for your Juz Tabarak memorisation journey with space to track daily recitation for a whole year, and for your parent / teacher to make dated notes on your recitation and Qa’idah progress.

This tracker also contains activities (suitable for younger and older children), beautiful hadiths and reflection pages to keep you motivated throughout your journey. Once you have completed Juz Tabarak, this will be a wonderful keepsake to treasure!

Perfect gift for anyone doing hifdh. 

All items are printed and packaged by hand in the UK. All packaging is 100% recyclable.

Format: A5 sized Juz Tabarak hifdh tracker with a soft touch laminated cover.

Dimensions: Height: 21 Centimetres; Width: 14.8 Centimetres

Pages: 40